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Thomas R. Reich

Dr. Thomas R. Reich PhD Ichthyology

 Many websites have been created on maintaining tropical fish aquariums and breeding aquarium fish.  Long preambles and disclaimers about water conditions abide.  However, with today’s modern equipment, and the tips and tricks I will teach you in this guide, even the novice will be able to successfully set up home and office aquariums and accomplish a number of breeding projects with a variety of aquarium fish.


Dr herbert R. Axlrod

Dr. Herbert R. Axelrod

Many authors write as if everything is intended to become a text for an advanced Ichthyology (the study of fish) collage course.  Dr. Thomas R. Reich has a PHD in Ichthyology and could certainly write such text, but that is not this offering.  If you want to cram for finals in a Genetics exam, go to another source.


Dr. Thomas R. Reich has written books on tropical fish and aquariums since 1973 when he published “All You Need to Know about Tropical Fish” with TFH Publications, at the age of only 17 under the tutelage of his mentor Dr Herbert R Axelrod.


Dr. Reich has learned many tricks of the trade over the years, and breeding Danios, Gouramis, Barbs, Tetras and especially Cichlids could not be simpler if you follow the step by step techniques contained within this website.  Some of the methods are unorthodox and go against the grain of the mainstream, but they are tried and true procedures for success in breading that have worked for hundreds of years with fish breeders around the world, and they will work for you today!


This website will give advice on setting up any number of aquariums, success with live aquarium plants, outdoor pools and all sorts of fun projects for children to experience the magic of live barring fish and their husbandry.


There is an active blog covering the aquarium issues of the day and you comments as well as guest posts are encouraged!  As time goes on we may add Dr. Reich’s exclusive line of tropical fish food, growth food and infusoria growing kits.


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Use the contact us page to ask any questions that relate to Aquarium Fish Advice and you will be answered personally by Dr. Reich or his staff.







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