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How can Guppies Help Stop the Spread of Zika Virus

Zika Virus

  How to Stop the Zika Virus Naturally and Without Chemicals, Just use Guppies! We are in a time of growing worldwide concern over the spread of the Zika Virus, a real threat to public safety. So far the only

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Tropical Aquarium Fish Halfbeak: A Fun Aquatic Fish for the Home Aquarium

    A CURIOSITY OF THE LIVE-BEARER WORLD The Half-beak or Dermogenys/Belonsox   A SHORT HISTORY Two very strange live-bearing fishes that are sometimes kept in an aquarium are Dermogenys and Belonesox.  The family Hemiramphidae (Half-beaks) is common throughout tropical

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White Cloud Mountain Minnow; The Guppy of Egg layers!

Dr. Thomas R. Reich PhD explainsWhite Cloud Mountain Minnow

NON-ADHESIVE EGG SCATTERER PROJECT – TANICHTHYS ALBONUBES  –  WHITE CLOUD MOUNTAIN MINNOW     By Thomas R. Reich PhD The White Cloud Mountain minnow is the answer to the beginning breeders dreams. It is a fish that has everything: great color with distinct

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