Global Pet Expo New Products, Bigger and Better, a Review of the Show!

Dr Thomas R. Reich at Global Pet ExpoWhat an amazing array of pet products on display here at the Global Pet Expo new products in Orlando Convention Center!  1,000,000 sq ft of all kinds of displays for the pet retail industry of the world here under one roof at the Global Pet Expo new products.  The innovations in products for dogs and cats were great but we were there to see fish and aquarium related products.

One of the top aquarium stores in the southeast is “DarkWater Aquatics” here in Orlando Florida.  It was fitting that I would be invited by the wonderful folks at DarkWater Aquatics to attend the host of global pet expo was DarkWater Aquatics10th anniversary of Global Pet Expo, since they represent everything the Global Pet Expo has come to stand for, excellence in the pet industry!

The last time I attended the Global Pet Expo it was less than half as big as it is today, and I was rapping a 2 year video production for PBS “The Wonderful World of Fish Keeping” live at the 1st Global Pet Expo here in Orlando.  It’s been 10 years, and much has changed, the pet industry is bigger and better than ever, there is resurgence in the ma and pa pet store, and product innovations continue.

Here are my picks so far (it’s only the first day) for my favorite new Aquarium products at the Global Pet Expo:


CobaltCOBALT has several things we loved; a new line of breeding aids for egg layers, the first line of its kind, as far as I know, more on this Global Pet Expo new products first in a later blog, stay tuned.  I was also stunned by their new E-X-T Aquarium Canister Filter, Randy Parham gave me a demonstration, and it is really simple to use and very different from what has been on the market up to now!


fish mateThe folks at Fish Mate came to the Global Pet Expo new products with lots of Koi pond innovations, but I particularly like the automatic feeder, it is probably not what you think, this feeder is large enough to feed a Koi pond for half the summer!


World Wide Pet Products a division of Big Al’s had a really cool line of artificial plants that are worth a second look.

Aquarium Solutions finally put out a sponge filter that has it all, it is pre waited, the sponge type is small enough to handle the smallest fri and it is easy to install and clean, all at a very low price.


eliveElive introduced the aquaDuo Aquarium Filters, which let a smaller hobbyist practice aquaponics and natural filtration in a hang on the back of the tank smaller filter, great for kids and the plant lovers in all of us!  They also introduced a truly innovative led lighting system that allows a hobbyist to buy a basic strip light and add to it or modify it to their growing needs.



BioBubbleBioBubble Pets introduced the BioPro novelty fish tank, which is a dome aquarium, with models for both fresh and salt water.  The kicker to this one is when you want to clean the inside of the dome, you simply unlatch the bottom, raise it up, and the water and fish decent into a silicon accordion base you remove the sealed “dome” part clean it at will and reseal, when you lower the BioBubble and re-latch it the fish and water are virtually undisturbed, I will report more on this in the future, it is intriguing, they also have a 200 gallon version in the works, with full hydraulics to raise the dome!


micro bubblesHydor introduced a step up in micro bubblers, both LED lit and spraying hidden micro bubbles from several different designs, I liked them and I usually hate ketch!  This is another great example of this years Global Pet Expo new products.



Global pet expoDon Miller of Ruby Reef spent a good deal of time today at the Global Pet Expo explaining his new cures for all sorts of common ailments, some of his products go beyond what has been available to the public in the past, and we will be looking farther into the new cures in the near future here at Aquarium Fish Advisor




Sevenports has some interesting LED strip lighting and compact filter systems that brake the floor out of the price of those items, we will discuss these products more in the future.


Dr Tim

Finally, I found my old friend Dr Timothy A Hovanec PhD, owner of Dr Tim’s Aquatics.  He has, what is probably the most useful product to every hobbyist we touch, and is one of the best new products in the show.  Dr. Tim Explained that the product is suspended in a blue gel that slowly releases good bacteria into the aquarium, as it slowly changes color over a month or so.  This “good Bacteria” keeps the tank clear and disease free.  It looks amazing, and I think he may have another runaway hit on is expert hands, and certanly one of the most exciting Global Pet Expo new products.  We will defiantly cover more on this product as it gets closer to release date!



The Global Pet Expo new products have not disappointed anyone, it is so large, so endless that I will have to continue this report later, and rest my tired feet!

Dr Thomas R Reich PhD

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