How can Guppies Help Stop the Spread of Zika Virus

 The Guppy can control Mosquito Larvae and stop Zika virus

How to Stop the Zika Virus Naturally and Without Chemicals, Just use Guppies!

We are in a time of growing worldwide concern over the spread of the Zika Virus, a real threat to public safety. So far the only proven way the virus can be spread is through the bite of several types of mosquitoes.  What can be done naturally to slow this threat? The meager guppy has been used worldwide to eat the larvae of mosquitoes and control the spread of viruses like Malaria and Yellow Fever. Let’s dig a little deeper into this potential solution.

All of the known virus carrier mosquito species are prolific breeders in most tropical and subtropical climates around the world. You may not be aware that they are also prolific breeders in temperate climates around the world in spring and summer as well.

A near panic is starting in the US and shows signs of getting bigger, as fears of mosquitoes that will spread the Zika Virus increase closer to mosquito bite season. It is the Guppy that can help stop the spread of the mosquito, by eating their eggs and larvae before they mature into stinging biting full grown mosquitoes.

The Guppy can control Mosquito Larvae and stop Zika virus


In an article for it was explained fully how the Guppy can help stop mosquito born viruses worldwide. The article has listed the 2 species, (Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus) which are dominant in the Florida Everglades and will spread throughout much of Eastern and Central United States as soon as the average water temperature reaches above 70F. This happens when daytime temp is about 85F and night time temperature is no lower than 65F, so typically in late March – June in most areas.

The basic idea for this outbreak is the same as the Reich method has been to control mosquitoes for many years. You have read blogs on this site, on Florida Pond Management and by Dr. Reich for years promoting the use of guppies to control mosquitoes in backyard ponds and still pools of water.

The Guppy can controule Mosquito Larvae and stop Zika virus

Dr. Thomas R. Reich stated in a recent interview with “I am very surprised the government has not put out advisories to use the Guppy method. It is true that  Florida based mosquitoes do not yet have the agent that spreads the virus, but that can start the second one infected person is bitten. You see it only takes one mosquito to bite and draw blood from an infected human.  That blood, which is used to feed her developing eggs, gives the larvae that hatch out of those eggs the agent that causes the Zika Virus in humans. As of now there are 18 active cases of humans with Zika Virus in Florida.”

Dr. Reich continued “Just as it has happened for centuries with Yellow fever and Malaria, once the agent of the virus is in the strain of mosquitoes, the tendency is for the mosquito to carry the agent is within the DNA of the subsequent generations of the mosquitoes without further contact with infected humans.   With a new generation every 3-5 days this happens quickly. Each sting or bite of a mosquito with the agent of the virus within it can potentially infect the human host.”

The Guppy can controule Mosquito Larvae and stop Zika virus

There is a simple solution to keep your property and surrounding area safe from mosquitoes, their eggs and their larvae. You can do it without using harmful chemicals that may negatively affect the environment, damage other wildlife and leach into the water supply.  The answer to the problem is simple, the Guppy. The most popular aquarium tropical fish of all time may again be the answer to controlling the Zika virus and it is the least expensive fish in your neighborhood store right now!

You simply need to get 3-5 females and put them in each open stagnant or still body of water around your home area. It could be a bird bath, an old ditch full of water or a Goldfish pond.  Remember that Goldfish are vegetarians and do not and will not eat mosquito larvae nor the guppies.  The Guppy will eat its weight in mosquito larvae and mosquito eggs every day, and each female will have up to 80 fry (baby guppies) every 4 weeks.

The Guppy can controule Mosquito Larvae and stop Zika virus

What’s even better, when you buy the pregnant females they will have a packet of sperm from a male that re-impregnates her 4-6 times without the need of a male. This is because in its native environment the Guppy lives in flood plains and gets washed from puddle to puddle, and may never see a male again. However as the babies mature there will be males and females to continue the process.

The Guppy is known as the Millions Fish because the young grow so fast, they can actually be impregnated at 4 weeks old and begin to produce more young of their own. Therefore at the end of 6 months a good size pond of water can be pretty well populated and well able to take care of mosquito larvae potentially infected with the Zika Virus agent pretty quickly.

The Guppy can contol Mosquito Larvae and stop Zika virus

In Brazil, the government is using the Guppy to kill the larvae if the mosquitoes that carie the Zika Virus right now:

“BRAZIL (Reuters) – They look harmless enough, but these guppies are the latest weapon in Brazil’s all out war on the Zika virus.

The fish feed off the larvae of the Aedes mosquitos that transmit Zika, and officials are using them to help stop the disease from spreading.

Rio de Janeiro municipal health worker Fabio Freitas says the guppies are being deployed in stagnant pools and hard to reach areas. “The advantage of using the fish is that there is a large area that we are unable to treat, and the fish take care of the larva,” he said.”….  READ MORE


Did you know that Yellow fever and Malaria were all but brought under control in central and North America by use of this prolific little fish, the Guppy? Did you know that its continued use today in certain areas of India and Africa are controlling Yellow fever by controlling or nearly eliminating the mosquito populations of many areas?

The Guppy is responsible for making much of Florida ready to be populated in the 1800’s and early 1900’s, and for Flagler’s railroad to be able to be built. Most major and many minor lakes in Florida today are full of guppies, mollies and other small tropicals to this day.  Now, the Zika Virus will be controlled in great measure by the mighty and helpful little fish in the majority of Florida’s larger and medium size lakes already by the presence of this amazing little fish.


Here is a story of success happening in India with the Guppy project going on right now:

The Guppy can control Mosquito Larvae and stop Zika virus

In Mangalore, a port city in southwest India, school children and volunteers hope to curb the occurrence of the disease of malaria via the Guppy movement, a campaign that aims to control malaria by using a rather peculiar but natural means of eliminating mosquitoes using guppies.

The Guppy, a freshwater fish popularly kept in aquariums, eats mosquito larvae and eggs and thus helps reduce the spread of malaria as the disease is caused by the parasite Plasmodium, which is transmitted to humans through mosquito bites. As a means to control mosquitoes, the guppies are left in stagnant water puddles where mosquitoes breed. The fish then eat the mosquito eggs and larvae, leading to reduced mosquito population.

Nripendra Kumar Sarma from the public health engineering department said that bio-control helped Assam significantly reduce its malaria cases. “Till 2012, we had over 30,000 cases each year. But now they are no more than 3,000-4,000, in areas where the Guppies were introduced. This approach can very well be initiated in areas (of the country) that are prone to malaria, dengue and Zika, all of which are mosquito-borne diseases,” Nripendra Kumar Sarma said.

The Guppy can control Mosquito Larvae and stop Zika virus

ONE LAST NOTE: When you hear about invasive species, remember they aren’t all bad.  The Guppy is one of the most famous of all invasive species.  Once, the Guppy was native only to Trinidad and possible parts of Eastern South America (though they were probably brought there by man from Trinidad).  The Guppy is now native to every continent on earth.  The Guppy is not only in most every aquarium store around the world in countless varieties, shapes, sizes and colors, but the Guppy populates most tropical and subtropical region lakes and streams as well, doing what they do so well, eating their weight in mosquito larvae!  Now again we call on the resilient little fish to help man with the Zika Virus!

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