Tropical Fish Fun!

Keeping and enjoying a Tropical fish aquarium is both a delight and a privilege.  We must all remember that each and every fish is a pet and worthy of our respect and care.

Having an aquarium required study and dedication to a schedule.  It is a love that can keep you in fish-keeping all your life!

Freshwater aquarium fish are easier for beginners than salt water, but there are many types of Freshwater aquariums, from easy to very complicated.

keeping Discus can be as difficult as salt water care for the uninitiated.  Over time I will expose you to fish-keeping from the easy basic community all the way to an aquarium designed to breed discus!

For now lets hear what you would like to learn.  Write me at and ask questions or suggest topics for upcoming blogs.

Thomas R. Reich PhD Tropical Fish Aquarium

Thomas R. Reich PhD Tropical Fish Aquarium


tropical fish hobby

My Salt Water Reef Tank Aquarium

 Also look for many new pictures of Aquariums and Tropical Fish, More to come soon!  

I will be posting free download my two latest eBooks!

Feel Free to Ask any Question Relating to Tropical Fish and Aquariums, I will Answer Within 24 Hours if Possible!

Prize to the Question of the Month!


tropical fish aquarium

Wonderful healthy live plant fresh water tropical fish aquarium!

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  1. Thomas R. Reich PhD says:

    OK comment time or suggest topics for blogs that can help the fishkeeping community!

    Tom Reich

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